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HMRC themselves estimate that £11.3 billion a year is lost through tax avoidance & evasion


The UK national debt grows at a rate of £5,170 per second


Scrapping Britains nuclear weapons would fund all A&E services for 40 years


Since the 2008 global financial crisis Britain has suffered £80 billion of public spending cuts, in the same period Britains bankers have received £80 billion of banker bonuses


The last 3 VAT rises have come with the Conservatives at the heart of government. On all 3 occasions they had declared they had no plans to raise it prior to the election


The Police stakeout outside the Ecuadorian embassy had the sole aim of arresting Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange & cost the taxpayer £16,500 a day; totalling £12 million - £2 million more than the Chilcot Inquiry


George Osborne raised £13 billion selling off Northern Rock mortgages to a US firm currently under a criminal investigation. The money was used to pay off national debt, it covered just 0.86% of the £1.5 trillion we owe


Since 2008 cumulative inflation has been 20.6% in the UK but pay has risen by just 7%, meaning the pay of the average full time worker is down by 13.6% in real terms


One year's worth of tax avoiders in Britain would pay for 150 years' worth of tax credits for the entire country


Nearly £30 billion on National Insurance contributions were unpsent by George Osborne last year


6 million Brits earn less than the living wage





£3.5 billion of benefits are given each year to people in full time work, effectively propping up private companies underpaying their staff


Companies who pay less than the living wage costs the UK tax payer £11 billion a year in welfare. If Tesco alone implemented the living wage it would save us £92 million a year


Just 3% of welfare spending in Britain goes to unemployed people - the vast majority is made up of pensions. 0.7% of the welfare budget is fraudulently claimed yet the government saves £12 billion every year through unclaimed benefits





5 million people are on waiting lists for social housing in the UK


100,000 children in Britain are homeless - a rise of 10,000 in the past year


660,000 families were affected by the controversial 'bedroom tax' including 420,000 disabled people. They will lose an average of £15 a week


There are 635,000 empty houses in the UK - enough to house the estimated homeless population nearly 6 times over


When the coalition government introduced the bedroom tax they claimed it was so tenants moved into more suitable houses freeing space for larger families. Despite this 94% of those it affected still live in the same house


Private landlords are taking £5.6bn in rent on homes that “don’t meet legal standards” – £1.3bn of which comes from state housing benefits


83,000 young people have had to rely on councils or charities for a roof over their head at some point over the past year


17% of 16-24 year olds have slept in squats, cars, hostels, on sofas or in the street in the past year



The Media


70% of UK national newspapers are controlled by just 3 companies with Rupert Murdoch's News UK owning a third


A recent study by 'No More Page 3' looked at every photograph of men & women in the Sun over a 6 month period. There was not 1 photo of a woman playing sport



MP's & Politicians


Since the expenses scandal in 2009 claims for expenses by MPs have fallen by just 1%


46% of the top 50 publicly trading UK companies have a parliamentarian (MP/Lord/Lady) as a director or shareholder


During the 5 year coalition government Nick Clegg voted with the government on 99.6% of issues


Proportionally, MPs have submitted more false expenses claims then people on welfare have made false benefit claims


Since 2010 the House of Commons champagne bill has risen 72%


Boris Johnson has supported the Tory's claim that trade unions need a minimum 50% turnout for a legal strike ballot. If this was applied to the last London mayoral election he wouldn't have been elected as 38% of Londoners voted


If the Tory '40% ballot threshold', which appears in the trade union bill, applied to the last parliamentary election then 274 of the 330 Tory MPs would not be in parliament today


Since entering government in 2010 the Conservatives have received £55 million in donations from hedge funds - equivalent to £28,000 a day. In the same period, hedge funds have had £145 million worth of tax breaks


225 parliamentarians have recent or present financial private healthcare connections


128 Conservative MPs, 50 Labour MPs & 14 SNP MPss are private landlords





Immigrants are 43% less likely than British people to receive state benefits or tax credits


95.1% of immigrants don't claim any working age benefits


In the past decade EU migrants living in Britain have contributed £20 billion more to the economy than they have taken


30,000 British nationals are claiming unemployment benefit in countries in the EU. This is 2.5% of Brits living within the EU - roughly the same level as EU nationals claiming job-seekers allowance in this country  


1 in every 122 humans worldwide is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum





As predicted in early 2015, the richest 1% of the worlds population now have as much wealth as the remaining 99%


The richest 62 people in the world have as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the global population


The richest 10% of Britains households have increased their wealth by 21% in just 2 years & now hold 45% (£11.1 trillion) of Britains private wealth. Meanwhile, the poorest 50% hold just 9% of wealth which includes the bottom 1% who have just 0.05%


The poorest 1% of households in the UK have an average £16,000 worth of debt while the richest 1% hold an average of £2.4 million of assets


Despite making up half of the worlds population women make up 70% of the worlds poor


Zero hour contracts are up 116% since the coalition government walked into Downing Street just over 5 years ago


In 2014 the richest 1000 people in the UK increased their wealth by £77 million a day, totalling £28 billion for the year


For a worker on the minimum wage to earn the same as Barclay's Bank CEO did in 2014 they would have to have been working full time since the year 1550


If the national minimum wage had kept pace with the FTSE 100 CEO salaries since 1999 it would now stand at £18.89 per hour, rather than £6.50


The impact of inequality on health, crime rates & well-being costs the UK tax payer £39 billion a year - that's £1408 per household





Since 2010, 600,000 children in the UK have been pushed into living below Oxfam's 'poverty line' - 3.9 million children now live in poverty


9 of the 10 poorest regions in Europe are in the UK


If you take the top 10% of earners out of the equation the average annual income of the remaining 90% is £13,000


According to the Trussell Trust there are 500,000 'unique users' of their food banks in Britain. They only run one third of food banks though & the others are not tracked meaning the number could run away into the millions


The number of people admitted to hospital in England & Wales with malnutrition has risen 19% in the past year. The European Nutrition for Health Alliance has estimated that up to 40% of patients in the UK are malnourished on hospital admission but most go undiagnosed due to inadequate screening


83,000 young people have had to rely on councils or charities for a roof over their head at some point over the past year


17% of 16-24 year olds have slept in squats, cars, hostels, on sofas or in the street in the past year


Since David Cameron became prime minister the number of homeless people in London has risen from 3,673 to 7,500





In the past 5 years just 2% of terrorist attacks in the EU have been committed by Islamist groups or individuals


The UK has sold arms to 25 of the 27 nations on their own list of countries with human rights concerns. Only North Korea & South Sudan haven't bought arms from them


2000 people across the world are killed by arms everyday


At least 1.3 million civilians have died in the Middle East as a direct result of US & UK military action since 9/11. 4 million have died since 1991


It costs £35,000 an hour to operate the supersonic bomber 'Tornado GR4' owned by the RAF


Mental health issues among military personnel have risen 26% over the last year


80% of terrorist attacks in 2014 (latest available stats) were in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq & Nigeria


On the very same day of the attacks in Paris the US was approving an arms deal worth $1.29 billion with Saudi Arabia


1 British air-strike mission costs £508,000


The 'Storm Shadow' missile used by Britain cost a huge £800,000 each

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