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#1: Refugees must settle in the nearest safe country

#2: Refugees are choosing to flock to the UK and other EU countries to take advantage of benefits

#3: Middle Eastern countries are not pulling their weight and are leaving the EU to sort out the refugee crisis

#5: They are not refugees, they are migrants.

#4: We can't afford to take them

#6: The majority of refugees are adult males

The UN Refugee Convention states that all signatories must provide a safe haven for refugees, recognising that they may have arrived in that country via illegal channels.

There is no requirement in the UN convention or international law for refugees to only be settled in the nearest safe country


Many Syrians are currently stationed in Turkey but they have no legal right to be there. They are breaking Turkish law but have been allowed to stay on the condition that they will move on eventually. Many camps in Turkey are now overcrowded, have no safe drinking water & lack aid. Not our idea of safe



The UK is home to less than 1% of the worlds refugees. Developing countries host over 86% of the world's refugees


The top ten countries to which refugees flee are all outside of the EU. Of EU countries, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary have all been far more affected by the recent refugee crisis than Britain


Most refugees are completely unaware of welfare benefits available to them before they arrive. Contrary to popular belief they are not allowed to claim mainstream welfare benefits. Any money recieved by refugees is paid by the centralised National Asylum Support Service (NASS) and not from local council taxes. A national report of asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK revealed 85% experience hunger, 95% cannot afford to buy clothes or shoes and 80% are not able to maintain good health.

Pakistan & Turkey individually host more refugees than all EU countries combined


Jordan has taken in 1.4 million refugees from Syria alone. Lebanon is also home to 1.5 million Syrian refugees


European countries host just 6% of the worlds refugees, compared to Middle Eastern & North African countries, who host 39%

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Between 2007 & 2013 the EU spent nearly €2 billion on border control, surveillance & constructing barriers - nearly 3 times more than they did helping refugees


In the UK refugees are not entitled to council housing - any housing is not paid for by the local council


If Britain collected uncollected tax & tax lost through avoidance & evasion we could pay for at least 5 million refugees every year

65.3 million people around the world have been forced from their homes - among them are 21.3 million refugees. 54% of refugees last year came from 3 countries: Afghanistan, Syria & Somalia.


This argument is usually levelled at those have risked their lives to get to the UK from some of the most desperate places on earth. It is not used against Irish, Australian or American immigrants to the UK, who are indisputably migrants


Last year 51% of refugees were under 18


Refugees across the whole world are more or less equally split 50/50


Of all Syrain refugees for example, 21.9% are male & aged 18-59. This is the same percentage for women in this age category & way below the percentage for children



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