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bloc are a non-violent, democratic, anti-austerity group based in Yorkshire. Our aim is to broadcast the news the tabloids ignore- to open up debate and encourage unity amongst ALL those opposed to Tory cuts. We focus on instigating debate and getting people thinking about the issues we face today


At bloc, we believe the healthiest, most aspirational societies are those which stand up for ALL of their members


We believe our society cannot call itself civilised when it forces nurses, teachers, low paid workers, the unemployed and the disabled to pay for the mistakes of billionaire bankers


We believe in direct, democratic action: marching against austerity, lobbying parliament, engaging in every kind of demonstration which will send the message home, loud and clear, that we say NO to austerity


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We also want to hear from you. We are looking for article writers, organisers, and anyone who would like to be part of our debate on how to unite and move forward